Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So one of my New Year’s Resolutions (and the most important) is to get closer to my God. I felt the most important way to do that was to start going to church regularly. This entails two parts:

  • 1) Attend Worship EVERY Sunday morning or evening – no matter where I am. If I’m in Alex City, I will go to church in Alex City. If I’m out of town on vacation, I will attend services there.
  • 2) Join a Small Group at church

I used to be one of those that said “I don’t need to go to church to believe in God.” Well, neither did the devil. When I attended Secret Church in November, David Platt spoke about the Church and its purpose. If you haven’t already, please listen to the recording of Secret Church: The Body of Christ http://www.brookhills.org/media/schurch/secret-church-the-body-of-christ/. During this time at Secret Church, it became very apparent to me that I NEED the church. The definition of the church is simply this: a gathering of believers.

So, this Sunday, I got myself and both of these WILD kids ready for church and we headed out and got there around 9:00 (a tad bit late but nonetheless….) Derrick had to work so it was a slow go but we made it. I dropped Marlie off at her classroom and Alex & I headed to Worship. BTW, Marlie did NOT cry! And they said she even took a nap! One thing I like about CBH is that they believe that children in 1st grade and up should be involved in Worship with their parents. I had the best time with Alex. It’s rare that we get to spend time – just the two of us. And what better way to spend it than praising God. He was a real trooper and I had to explain to him a lot of what David was saying but he was all ears. I so pray that I can raise my children up to be Godly children.

After Worship service was over, I took Alex to his classroom and headed to try to find the first small group that I was going to visit in my quest to find the right one. We studied the Book of Ruth. What is it with the Book of Ruth? What is God trying to tell me through this book? Something keeps drawing me to this book. It’s no coincidence that the VERY first I’d heard of CBH was through Christie MAKING me listen to “The Story of Love” one morning while we were on the way to visit another church in the area. The Sunday before last I felt the urge to purchase David’s series about the Book of Ruth. This is an AMAZING story! AMAZING! Makes me wonder what he’s trying to tell me through Ruth and Naomi….

My plans are to reflect on each service as I learn about the Bible. I really have little knowledge of the Bible. I know that sounds bad. As children, we went to church for a few years – when I was in Kindergarten and maybe a couple of years after that but I do not remember what I learned. All I remember was the negative things that I heard (long, long, long story – another place, another time). Throughout the years (especially in HS when I had free will to go to church) I was always embarrassed to go to church because I really knew NOTHING. I didn’t know the story about Jonah and the Whale. Sure I’d heard of them but what was the story? I knew that Jesus was born in a manger and his Mother was Mary and his Father was Joseph…or was he? And who was David? What if they asked me these questions? What in the world would I say? Derrick always invited me to church and it literally made me sick at the thought of it. I was so nervous! What a shame!

Ok so I’ve lost my train of thought…. Oh, my goal is to reflect on what I learn during each service.

Stay tuned…..


  1. Love your introspection, really seeking God and knowledge through his word. I have the Bible in 365 on my nightstand, but I have not started it...guess I better get started. I might not make it every night, but I will know more than I do now. Love your Blog, Melinda, and love your Nazi grammar skills. ;)

  2. Looks like we are on the same road, I am getting my kids into church. I don't know much about the Bible, but we are learning everyday. Thank you for sharing your story, can't wait for the next

  3. That is awesome girl!!!! Found your blog through your sister's facebook. =) I'll be checking back, OFTEN! And I think it's AMAZING the journey you are taking. If you are intrigued by the book of Ruth there is a study by Kelly Minter that is awesome! Maybe you could combine it with Mr. Platt's and get a double dose of Ruth! Starting your children in church (a good church!) will build a lasting legacy. It really is a blessing and God designed the church for us. You will fall in love with your children all over again as they blossom into what God has created them for! ♥ Congratulations on your resolution!

  4. I am right there with you on bible knowledge! I am determined to read it through this year. And our church is tiny in a tiny town...so kids stay for worship, which is a change from our last huge church. It was hard to get them used to being there and sitting still at first. But now there is nothing like the overflowing JOY that I feel to watch my daughter, who is 4, with her eyes closed and face all aglow, raise her hands, and sing her heart out to the Lord!


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