Sunday, January 2, 2011

The real side of the Joneses...

I have worked in the Finance business since 1999. Not just finance but Consumer Finance. I make loans to individuals just like you and me. And let me tell you, I have seen it all! I have seen the poor old lady living on a fixed income who is responsible with her debt; I have seen the Executive borrow money and never pay one payment; I have seen the single mother who is struggling to make ends meet; I have seen the college student who is trying his best to meet his obligations....

On a daily basis, I review peoples' credit bureaus and am completely AMAZED at what I see. For example, take the Executive who makes $150K per year. I often wonder when I am reviewing their eligibility for a loan "Hmmmm. Why does THIS person need to borrow $2,000?" Any idea of how much credit card debt he has? Yeah, about the same amount as he makes per year. Want to take another guess at what his total credit lines on those credit cards are? Yep, the same $150K. He is what we call "maxed out". I sit in awe of what in the world he could have done with $150K. When I take a look at his assets, he lives in a $400K house (which is 60 days pastdue), drives not only one but TWO luxury cars (both of which are 30 days pastdue) and a $50K motorhome (90 days pastdue), just to name a few.

My point here is that on the outside, this person "has it all" but in reality, he owns nothing. How many people do you think are envious of what he "has"? How many people do you think try to be just like him? How many people are putting themselves in this same situation as this man - all for the sake of keeping up with the Joneses? How is your life better when keeping up with the Joneses?

I will leave you with these pictures....

So, the next time you think you'd like to have this or that because Bobby or John or Sally or Sue has it, remember these pictures. Be responsible with your money and use it to help others advance.

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